Summer Art Camp 2010 is in full swing.

Two campers clown around with one of our youth counselors at camp.

The campers were shy and quiet at first, but quickly bonded as a group. They enthusiastically jumped into all of the different projects and media. Campers remained patient with us, even though we challenged their comfort levels. They leave the camp exhausted but inspired. We gain as much, if not more inspiration from each of their unique contributions.

Session 4

This week, the campers explored South America!  They created installation pieces based on the work of Jesus Rafael Soto and Alejandro Otero, participated in shadow puppet theater and learned Bachata in their dance class!

Campers and their families enjoy the outdoor installation.

This week, the art literally came off of the walls when campers experimented with kinetic outdoor installations.

Working in teams of five, with the overarching theme of “a city”, campers used cardboard, styrofoam, transparency sheets, dowels, packing materials and paint to create their idea of a city.  The final work was installed outside, where campers were able to see the way their artwork reacted to wind, sunshine and movement.  Parents were definitely impressed!

The final installation.

These campers can dance!

All smiles while dancing Bachata!

Two youth counselors hold up the "screen" for the shadow puppet presentation.

The best thing about being at camp with a lot of kids is being able to collaborate, play and dance together!  This week, the campers really showed how confident they are by tackling the dance form, Bachata!

And, whereas in the first week, boys and girls were a little intimidated by the idea of holding hands during dance segments, they now jump in with both feet and enjoy learning the dances together.

In theater class, Ms. Carina and Ms. Jackie introduced the students to shadow puppets.  They built their own puppets and rehearsed a routine around the song “La Bamba”.  Using flamenco and sailor puppets, the campers put their own spin on this beloved song.

The final treat during this week’s open house came when the campers invited their families “on stage” to perform their favorite dance this week:  La Macarena.  Led by Mr. Chris, everyone enjoyed either learning or remembering this catchy dance routine!

The campers enjoyed teaching their families the routine they learned that week.

Mr. Chris, our dance instructor, explains the routine to a parent.

Even the littlest of sisters joined in the fun!

Session 3

Just when you think you have seen the best, something always comes along that exceeds your expectations!

Check out these installation art pieces that our campers put together.  Working collaboratively and basing their piece on images they found in magazines, our campers created beautiful, off-the-wall installation art!  Look out contemporary art scene!

Session 2

Keeping with the theme of our Felipe Ehrenberg exhibition, the campers created their own murals. Working in teams, each team was given a theme from which to produce its mural.

Students were able to create the murals based on the following themes: “City Lights” or “Life and Death in Nature”.  The students did a wonderful job re-creating the process as Felipe Ehrenberg  used in creating the mural for the museum lobby.

The teams used a variety of stencils and were allowed to formulate their own creative ideas and images based on their given theme.  The results were brilliant!


Working with Capoeira Centrosul, the campers are learning the basics of this beautiful Afro-Brazilian martial art.  Under the leadership of Mestre Gui, the Capoeira instructors assist campers in learning a variety of movements!


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